What do we do

In Naturahue we design unique pieces, personalized creations and elaborated with noble materials, such as horns, wood, metals and ancestral stones. Each of them, give life to our products and give us a final piece to suit the client. We cover the needs, both for individuals and specialized stores. The craft Carpenter Goldsmith, we do it with affection and passion.

Horn craftsmanship dates back to ancestral times and has been used by many cultures worldwide, including the Celts, Vikings, and Inuit. In Chile, indigenous peoples such as the Mapuches, Rapa Nui, Selknam, and Kawésqar practiced it, carving animal horns to create tools and decorative objects. Today, horn craftsmanship is still valued for its beauty, durability, and ability to tell stories about the culture and tradition of the peoples who practice it. It is a common practice in many parts of the world and is still passed down from generation to generation.