About us


"I am an entrepreneur and business owner. In addition, I am in charge of the integral design of each of the pieces that are made at Naturahue. For more than ten years I have been concerned about the creative concepts of our clients, understanding their needs based on to what they want as a final product. We are a Design company, a family business.
My experience in Industrial Design allows me to explore a wide creative scope in each of our creations. In addition, we use waste from other industries as raw materials, making our products examples of ecological design.
The workshop is a fundamental part of this process. There I innovate with my own tools, design processes and creation techniques to achieve unique pieces.
I hope you can soon visit us in Paine and immerse yourself in the magic that fills us with pride.
See you soon!
José Ignacio Espinoza Berguecio (Industrial Designer)

José Ignacio Espinoza Berguecio